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Thursday, June 21 | #NoDAPL Rally: Tribes vs Army Corps

United States Court of District of Columbia, 333 Constitution Ave, NW, 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Rally with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Rising Hearts outside of the US District courthouse on Wednesday, 6/21, as both Tribes will go to court for status hearing vs Army Corps Engineers over the rushed and illegal approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Bring signs, friends, and lots of energy!

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Who We Are

We are DC ReInvest — a diverse coalition of DC-based grassroots groups working to divest from banks funding pipelines like Dakota Access and Keystone XL, private prisons, and predatory lending, and reinvest in our communities. We are answering the call of Indigenous leaders and local organizers to follow the paper trail and ensure D.C.'s wealth is used to combat injustice, not perpetuate it.

What We're Doing

On March 21, we introduced a resolution with DC Councilmember David Grosso to urge D.C. to divest from Wells Fargo, the city's primary bank and a main investor in the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, the private prison industry, and racist lending practices that discriminate against low-income black and Hispanic communities. Five other Councilmembers (Anita Bonds, Elissa Silverman, Brienne Nadeau, Charles Allen, and Vincent Gray) co-sponsored the bill. That means six of 13 Councilmembers support divestment!

We're hard at work building our grassroots power and moving the resolution forward in DC Council — and we need your help!

Campaign Updates

D.C. Residents Rally and Testify at Budget Hearing to Demand Divestment from Pipeline- and Prison-Funding Wells Fargo

D.C. residents pressured Councilmember Jack Evans for holding up a widely-supported resolution that would recommend the nation’s capital follow Seattle, Los Angeles, and other cities in cutting ties with Wells […]

DC Communities and Businesses Gather to Call on the City Council to Divest from Banks Financing Dirty Fuels Projects

MEDIA ADVISORY For immediate release, September 21, 2017 Washington, DC — On Sunday, September 24th, businesses and communities throughout Washington DC will gather to discuss the urgent need to divest financially […]

Jeremiah Lowery speaks at DC ReInvest rally about Wells Fargo divestment

New revelations of Wells Fargo’s fraud add to pressure on DC council to divest

After a failing community lending grade, unethical banking practices, and new scandals, D.C. organizers want to see the city reinvest in responsible banking Wells Fargo came under increased fire today […]

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Join the Movement

Call on DC Council to Divest

The DC ReInvest Coalition is building public pressure on DC Council to divest from Wells Fargo and reinvest in DC communities.

It's working: thanks to our efforts, 6 of the 13 DC Council members introduced a resolution that would recommend DC cut ties with Wells Fargo. To move the resolution forward, we need to keep speaking out.

Sign our petition to DC Council here. And if you're interested in getting more involved, be sure to click "Yes, I want to volunteer!"

Move Your Money

Raise your voice by publicly closing your own bank account, or pressuring your church, school, or workplace to divest!

Sign up here and check the "Yes, I want to close my account!" box, and we'll follow up to show you how.

Check out our fact sheet here for more information about why you should close your account with a big bank, and ideas for socially and environmentally responsible institutions you can move your money into.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Call on your neighborhood's elected leaders to support divestment from Wells Fargo — and urge DC Council to do the same.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, or ANCs, are a neighborhood-level elected government unique to DC. While DC Council drags its feet on making the choice to divest from Wells Fargo's fraud and injustice, we're encouraging ANCs all over the District to take the lead in urging the City of the District of Columbia to sever its ties with Wells Fargo.

Learn more about how to call on your ANC to support Wells Fargo divestment